If you dream of holidays in the Mediterranean, there’s probably a little restaurant beside that azure sea serving delicious Greek food and wine: succulent flame-grilled lamb and seafood, great flatbread and delicious dips.

The team at Zeus Street Greek brings traditional Greek food with a modern twist to the Gold Coast, their new outlet in Harbour Town joining the Robina restaurant.

“Greek food is meant to be comforting, with a sense of tradition and family. Flavours, textures and smells are at the heart of everything we do. From our pitas to our dips, we are always focused on getting the best flavours out of the quality produce we source,” says Chef David Tsirekas, the ‘Tastemaker’ for Zeus.

Tzatziki (Greek cucumber and yoghurt dip) is not only served alone at Zeus, but it’s also included in some of Zeus’s signature dishes, including the Tzimmy Classic Pita.

Chef David Tsirekas shares the secret of a rich, velvety tzatziki with some of the sourness removed: “The most important part for the tzatziki recipe that we use at Zeus is the straining. There are many variations of tzatziki, but the true art is in getting a thick, rich, mousse-like texture as they do in Greece,” he says.

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Zeus Street Greek’s Tzatziki recipe
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Course Sides
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  1. Using a large bowl, add all ingredients except for cucumber, and mix.
  2. Grate cucumber lengthwise into the large bowl (recommended to use the thickest grate possible). Grating lengthwise will add texture of a cucumber crunch in the creaminess of the tzatziki. Fold everything until well mixed.
  3. Add additional salt if needed to lift the flavours (different yoghurts will yield a different salt content).
  4. Place the colander into a bowl that sits so liquid can drain into it.
  5. Line colander with chux or muslin cloth so that some of it overlaps the edges of the colander. Place colander into a larger bowl to catch drained liquid.
  6. Pour mixture into the centre of colander on top of cloth and fill. Fold over cloth edges towards centre to make a bundle.
  7. Place a weight on top of cloth covered Tzatziki mix. Allow to sit for at least 5 hours in the fridge.
  8. Serve with some toast, warm sour dough or pita bread drizzled in olive oil and sea salt.