Finn Poke

If there’s something we never tire of, it’s freshness. And that freshness has just moved closer to us! The first dedicated poke bar to open in the south-east corner, Finn…

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GG’s Eatery & Bar

With some restaurateurs, it seems that everything they touch turns to gold. Their restaurants and cafés run like clockwork, assured of success. Menus display team colours, service is as tautly…

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Comuna Cantina

Pacific Fair’s dining precinct ‘The Resort’ has emerged as one of the finest areas in the newly renovated lifestyle-centric shopping centre. ‘Resort’ it could well be, with eateries that show…

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The Cuban

The glamour of Cuba in the 1950s is legendary. In the favoured holiday destination of movie stars and celebrities, at chic bars and stylish restaurants, tables were laden with food…

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Nero Dining

“Being a chef is not a glamorous occupation,” Chef Dennis Duncanson tells us, and he’s right. Chefs work hard long hours in steaming hot kitchens, often when the rest of…

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Fine dining has been undergoing a renaissance for several decades. Gone are the over-blown expense accounts and opulent eateries of the '80s. Slowly, a new kind of venue has emerged:…

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