Aloha Bar & Dining

NOTE: The McCluskeys have sold their share in Aloha in preparation for another project. Watch this space!

If fabulous cocktails and delish food are your thing, head on down to Aloha Bar & Dining, tucked in off the laneway behind Main Place, Broadbeach.

Aloha is the first in what’s hoped will be a series of popup themed bars and eateries for startup company Exotic Pets Presents, with well known restaurateurs Nerissa and Mitch McCluskey of Etsu and Commune teaming up with well-respected mixologist Tim Glasson (Etsu and ex-Versace) for this first venture.

Aloha 18-002

The venue comprises a series of interconnected rooms, the main one housing the bar, the venue ending in an alleyway for intimate conversations out the back. Not only is the venue Pacific Island or Tiki themed with palm trees, pineapples, nautical paraphernalia and vintage furnishings, but each room is individually themed to add interest. With the coloured lights turned on at night, it’s magical.

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Shopping for décor for a popup meant balancing cost and effectiveness. The team has adhered to the decorator’s principle: Choose a few key ‘objets d’art’ wisely and the rest of the fit out looks a million bucks (even if it didn’t cost that)!

A moody tribal mask overlooks the main room, his mouth pursed into a constant ‘Oooooh!’ as he listens to the conversation.

Aloha 7

“Aloha, sailor! We’ll be waiting!” call the sexy pin-up girls from the walls.

“You talking to me?” asks ‘Tripod’, the man-sized carving standing naked against one wall.

Aloha 3

While there’s a kitchen in the venue, Mitch tells us the food is catered by Etsu and plated up in Aloha: Hawaiian street-style treats carrying the influence of Polynesia, Japan, Spain and South-east Asia.

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Served in cane baskets and bamboo plates, it’s made to accompany Australian craft beer and wine and Tiki-themed cocktails. With Tim heading the bar, the summer drinks list looks extra-special.

Aloha 12-001

Following in the footsteps of Etsu, Aloha is set for a cult following during its time open, but we’re warned that it’s only the first in a series of popups. It’s a ‘go-to’ venue for now, but not forever. Visit while you can, and follow Exotic Pets Presents on social media for news of the next popup.

Alleyway behind Main Place (look for the wall of graffiti art), Broadbeach
Open: Wed – Sun 5pm – 1am Ph: 07 55925000

NOTE: Good Food Gold Coast attended the opening of Aloha Bar & Dining as guests.

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Open daily 5pm – 1am
18 Main Place, Broadbeach QLD, Australia