A Little Bit of the Irish at The InterContinental

A night of Jameson Irish Whiskey paired with food at The Fireplace, The InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort’s signature restaurant? It was an invitation that we could not refuse, especially since there’s more than a dab of Irish blood in my veins!

Whiskey may not be the spirit which first comes to mind when the word ‘cocktail’ is mentioned! But we can attest that the quality of the mix improves drastically with the quality of the whiskey!

Guests were served cocktails such as Irish Cosmo, Manhattans and my favourite, the Cloudy Apple (see recipe below). There were also tastings of Gold Reserve and the Red Breast 12, smooth enough to quell the unease of the toughest day!

IC 6

To match the cocktails, the Resort’s chefs had prepared an Irish whiskey-infused menu, from Potato and Leek Espuma accompanied by Irish soda bread with hand churned butter for starters, to Jameson cupcakes with whiskey ice cream and Irish whiskey truffles as chasers. Mains were cooked at stations both inside the restaurant and outside in the courtyard: Corned beef sliders, succulent Fire-roasted whiskey soaked lamb ribs, steaming Black mussels in Irish cider and a Charcuterie station of Witches Chase cheese and Salumi Australia smallgoods. It was a feast to make Irish eyes gleam! And that’s before they saw the whiskey…

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Jameson is the largest selling Irish whiskey in the world today, famous for its smoothness. The Jameson Ambassador to Australia, Ailbhe Garrihy, filled us in on a few important details about the company’s history. Founded by Scotsman John Jameson in 1780 at the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin, Jameson and his wife Margaret Haig, (of the Haig whiskey family), had sixteen children, reason enough to need a good drop of whiskey (or two)!

John was apparently a very charismatic bloke. He drank with his workers and, besides making smooth whiskey, he ran a smooth operation. The distillery remained in Bow Street until 1975 when, to keep up with demand, they moved to Southern Ireland. To this day, every single bottle is made under the one roof at the company headquarters in Midleton, in County Cork.


The smoothness and balance of flavour of Jameson whiskey is achieved through being matured in re-used Bourbon and Sherry barrels for between 5 and 7 years. But Jameson’s uniqueness is reached through the triple distilling process which removes the water and results in a clean spirit and its extra smooth taste and balanced palate. (By comparison, American whiskey is distilled only once, and Scotch twice.)

It was a convivial evening, the good humour aided by some lively Irish music from the band and the cocktail format ensuring that diners moved around food stations and connected with other guests. Excellent!


So you missed out on the event? Never mind! Go buy yourself a bottle of Jameson, and have your own party! Here’s a recipe to help you on your way!

Cloudy Apple cocktail

30ml Jameson

Freshly pressed green apple juice

Garnish – Lemongrass

Mix together and serve in a highball glass


NOTE: Good Food Gold Coast was a guest of The InterContinental Sanctuary Cover Resort at this event.

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