Ramen Danbo

If you thought that ramen was just a version of two-minute noodles, how wrong you are! There’s instant ramen (or two-minute-noodles) and then there’s ramen, a revered cultural dish. Hard…

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Hakataya Ramen

How can a restaurant survive with only six items on the menu? Yet Hakataya’s trade is the envy of many other local establishments. Open for 14 hours a day every…

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Hot Asian Eats

Hot steamy nights after a day at the beach, there’s nothing like a cheap night out, a ‘slurp your way to goodness’ heaven with a cheap Asian eat. Here’s our…

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Top Noodle Japanese

Top Noodle’s quite a surprising package. Although it’s in a prime position directly opposite the beach, at first glance it’s an underwhelming generic laminex-tabled eatery squeezed into a corner beside…

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