Milton Rum Distillery

With a vision of starting a funky Cuban-styled bar, chemical engineer Alexander Bell launched Milton Rum with a partner in mid-2019.

Distillery by day and rum bar by night (The Malecón Rum Bar), this funky Cuban bar would be right at home in pre-Castro Cuba. We can imagine its leather couches populated with cigar-smoking socialites and women whirling cigarette holders, music from Buena Vista Social Club drifting on the airwaves.

The venue claims its rum heritage from the original award-winning Milton Distillery, one of Australia’s largest rum producers for its time, founded in 1871 but destroyed by the 1890 flood.

Taking as their mark the Eastern Koel, a storm bird, legend has it that “the Storm Bird flies ahead of the oncoming floodwaters, warning everyone in harm’s way. Our Storm Bird is our protector against the next flood and serves as a mark of our commitment to quality, integrity, and strength of character.”

One of only five rum distilleries in Queensland and Northern NSW, Milton Rum aims to bring rum to a new generation using old-world techniques and the latest innovations in brewing and distilling.

What’s really different about Milton Rum is the old school column still that Bell designed and built, its ‘three stills in one’ making the smallest continuous still in the Southern Hemisphere.

Beginning with spiced cane spirit, the partners have branched out into different rum styles from around the world, all made on site from molasses, and stocked in many local bottle shops and bars or buy it from the distillery’s online shop.

From Spiced Cane Spirit with notes of fresh citrus, lemon myrtle and spice to aged Spanish inspired Dark with overtones of smoke, vanilla, honey, chocolate or the column-distilled smooth Silver Cane Spirit with hints of vanilla, citrus, marzipan and chocolate, these refined rums hold appeal for a new generation.

We love their award-winning Coffee and Cane spirit, bringing the spices of the East Indies to our palates:  cinnamon, pimento and cacao with the delicate acidity of toasted almonds and honey, made from single origin Peruvian coffee beans.

The distillery’s Jamaican rum will be launched mid-2021.

Milton Rum Distillery, 1/47 Castlemaine St Milton Ph: 0401 583 763

Distillery open: Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm; Malecón Rum Bar Open Thurs – Sat 4pm – late

Distillery open: Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm; Malecón Rum Bar Open Thurs – Sat 4pm – late
1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton QLD, Australia