Halal Butchers

Halal meat is an important produce item for Australia, not only for export (with a worldwide market of over 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide), but also for Australia’s 300,000 Muslim population. So it’s hardly surprising that many larger meat companies process and prepare Halal meat and meat products, nor that Australia is a world leader in the industry.

The word ‘halal’ means ‘lawful’ in Arabic, and is a key term in the Holy Qur’an. For meat to be ‘halal’, it must be slaughtered by an accredited Muslim slaughterman according to the requirements of Islamic law – the painless and merciful culling of an animal in the name of God, served clean and free of impurities. There are strict standards, documented procedures and certifications in Australia, adhered to by major meat companies working with Islamic organisations through the Australian Government Supervised Muslim Slaughter (AGSMS) program. The Australian meat standard states that all animals must be effectively stunned (unconscious) prior to slaughter; overseas this may not be the case.

On the Gold Coast there are two accredited Halal butchers located in Southport and Labrador. They source their meat from major suppliers and from Victoria; ‘There’s nothing like Victorian beef and lamb!’ With years of background in the meat industry, they report that their stores enjoy both wholesale trade to restaurants and takeaways from Brisbane to Byron Bay, and retail to a mixed clientele of the Islamic community as well as regular Aussies who appreciate meat which has been slaughtered as cleanly as possible. They sell beef, lamb, chicken, duck and goat, (and sometimes even camel) meat and meat products at comparable prices to butchers elsewhere.

Andy Penney, who owns Gold Coast Meats in Labrador with business partner Ahmed Kaoud, has a rich background in meat. His parents owned a butchery, and he previously owned an abattoir and butcher’s shop before opening his business.

“Our shop is an old school butchery with plain fresh meat,” Andy tells us. “Curry pieces, goat and veal are all best selling items. We specialise in different specialty meats, such as traditional cevapi and kofta. We also have some hard to find groceries such as frekkah, rose and orange blossom water, spices, Barbican halal beer, medjool dates, haloomi and tulumba (Turkish sweets). Every Friday we pick up fresh Afghani bread from Brisbane,” he adds.


Continental Halal Meats at Southport also sells many Middle Eastern groceries such as hummus, tahina, cordials, spices, drinks, rosewater, Afghani bread as well as the freshest highest quality Turkish bread we’ve tasted on the coast.

Many Australians, if asked, may say that they are not interested in Halal meat, however chances are that they have already eaten and enjoyed it, either at a kebab shop, an Indian or Turkish restaurant or even from their favourite takeaway. The message from our Halal butchers to the Gold Coast public is, “Just give it a go!”

Gold Coast Meats, Metro Plaza, 7/9 Brown St., Labrador 4215

Mob: 0431 757 650

Continental Halal Meats, 37 Beale St., Southport 4215

Ph: 07 5531 4016

Open: Mon – Fri 6am – 6pm Sat 6am – 3pm

NOTE: You can find a list of Halal certified restaurants on the Gold Coast Islam website here. This post was updated in July 2017.