World Breakfasts on the Gold Coast

We don’t always have to travel to learn about world food. It’s also right here in our own backyard. With diners chasing fast, healthy ‘wholefood’ meals, breakfast is the new…

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Quan 55 & Bar

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If you visit Quan 55 in search of a traditional Vietnamese restaurant, you might just be disappointed. Quan 55 is all that and more. Wynn Huynh, who owns Quan 55…

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Silipo Coffee, Southport

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The coffee roasting company, Silipo Coffee, is hidden away in the light industrial area of Bailey Crescent, Southport. Local workers can refuel with excellent coffee carefully brewed by barista Richard…

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Brekkie for a Tenner

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"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper!” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s become a popular catch up time…

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Ramen Danbo

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If you thought that ramen was just a version of two-minute noodles, how wrong you are! There’s instant ramen (or two-minute-noodles) and then there’s ramen, a revered cultural dish. Hard…

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Dinner at Cardamom Pod Brickworks

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NOTE: Cardamom Pod is no longer open for dinner, however Cardamom Pod Broadbeach is open nightly until 9.30pm. Gone are the days when ‘vegetarian’ meant a simple salad landing on…

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5B2F Bakehouse

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We may not see it when we walk in the door, but some Gold Coast business owners come from rather surprising backgrounds, facing tough cultural challenges along the way. That’s…

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Street Food in Restaurants

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Street food is taking the Gold Coast by storm, not just in markets, on the street fronts and parks via food truck presence, but even in restaurants, street foods are…

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Chanoyu Japanese infused cafe

It’s the Matcha chocolate ganache tart that gives it away – a pretty little pie case filled with two shades of green chocolate filling... “Oh my! There’s real talent here,”…

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Café Catalina

If there's an eatery with a top location, this is it: Café Catalina, overlooking the Broadwater, adjacent to the expanded Broadwater Parklands leisure area, the Rockpools play and picnic area…

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