Black Angus Bar & Grill

NOTE: Black Angus bar & Grill has moved to 2893 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise.

There are few better views than this, and not that many better steaks…

Black Angus Bar and Grill, situated on the marina overlooking luxury yachts at Sanctuary Cove, has an outstanding view and an award-listed reputation for fine meat.

It’s a beautiful autumn morning, the sun glistening on the water, a day when it seems that nothing can go wrong…and nothing does. Sanctuary Cove feels like a beautiful escape from the rest of the Gold Coast. As though traversing the bridge to Venice, we cross to the island of ‘Hope’, a relaxed halcyon destination for the retired, a place of retreat for the white collared to enjoy a weekend shopping excursion followed by a delicious lunch with a water view. Ah! Life is perfect!

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The menu outlines a Charcuterie plate, Oysters, exotic-sounding Entrées and Mains, including fish and a Seafood Platter before settling to the house specialty: The Char Grill – certified, grain-fed aged beef, the sort that’s full of flavour, slides through the blade like butter and melts in your mouth. Black Angus. That’s what we’re here for!

We’re enjoying a weekend lunch: entrée of Salt and pepper calamari with harissa aioli, and Succulent pork belly with crab and Asian slaw; mains of Black Angus Darling Downs grain-fed wagyu rump cooked on a hot stone at our table accompanied by a beef jus and sides; dessert of Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and Vanilla bean white chocolate crème brûlée.

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Hot rock cooking is not new. It’s an ancient method of cooking which dates back to the Stone Age and is still used around the world from Korea to New Zealand to cook both bread and meat. It’s elemental in nature, steeped in tradition, but our experience today is far away from an earth-bound hangi or stone-steamed grill. Using volcanic stones heated for 6 to 8 hours to 400 degrees, we cook our steak directly at our table, just the way we like. Yes, we could have chosen salmon or other seafood, but that’s our fish of choice at home, and a great steak is a bit harder to find than salmon. There’s no hiding of inferior meat behind a façade of sauce here; no fat, no added seasoning besides salt, just the best quality meat seared to taste on the hot stone. Somehow the flavour of perfect steak is not only preserved, but also enhanced with a flavour different to any other method of cooking. With nutrients and flavours sealed inside, the steak’s buttery and tender, keeping its heat on the stone as we eat. The sides of mashed potato and broccolini or chips and salad are really just trimmings. Our entrées are perfectly cooked and the desserts delicious, but it’s the steak which we rave about later.

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If it’s within your budget, the restaurant’s signature dish is the Victorian Farms Dry Aged beef from Gippsland. At 500g, the Black Angus aged rib on the bone is the epitome of perfection. Priced at $79 with all the trimmings, it is pasture fed, with a marble score of 2+. We almost know which side of the hill it has grazed on!  But be warned: cooking will take between 25 and 45 minutes, and this steak’s best cooked no more than medium-rare!

The meals here are not cheap, but neither is the steak, nor the view! There are deals, however, which can make a trip to Black Angus far more affordable. Black Angus offers a week day deal of their 300g Black Angus rump medallion or Atlantic Salmon cooked on a hot rock for $24.90 on Monday to Friday lunch and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. On weekends, there’s a two-course lunch available for $38 at both lunch and dinner.

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Black Angus’ menu is well backed up by a full repertoire of interesting beer and wine; an extensive informed list, selected to provide both value for money and quality. On our visit, the service, too was outstanding.

Black Angus Bar and Grill provides an enjoyable, participatory lunch experience, laid back and casual with a touch of finer dining, you can enjoy the level of dining you choose at a price of your choice. Be sure not to miss the unique flavours of a Black Angus stone grill.

2893 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise Ph: 07 5577 9712 Open daily 11.30am – 11.30pm

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Open daily 11.30am – 11.30pm
2893 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise QLD, Australia