Classic Cafe House

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness, and nowhere more so than in a tourist town. It’s a place where you need to be ‘in the know’ when…

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Haig St Cafe

Position, position, position. Often touted as the key to investing, these are not the only three precepts of real estate. Another is to gain a location as close as possible…

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Izakaya Midori

It takes courage to open a ‘destination’ restaurant, one so out of the way that diners must ‘seek to find’ it. Without walk-by foot traffic, destination restaurants depend on reputation…

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Four Great Dishes in Tweed City

With over 140 shops, Tweed City Shopping Centre services locals and visitors alike. Located only five minutes’ drive from the Coolangatta Airport, the centre also houses cafés, restaurants and a…

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Goukai Ramen

For a culturally ‘mish mash’ dish, ramen is unrivalled in its ability to gain fans. Talk ramen and its converts will espouse the beauty of their favourite bowl, not to…

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That’s Amore

If you asked us to name a restaurant that’s a local secret; a place that Gold Coast residents from a couple of suburbs away may not even know about yet…

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Bunnath Kitchen

Stories are sacred, and being a listener is a privilege. Especially tonight. We know a fair bit about Cambodia, having visited recently, so on our visit to the Gold Coast’s…

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Kopitalk Coffee

It’s not every day that you can be personally served brunch by a Masterchef, let alone one with a cult following. But at Kopitalk, you can. Kopitalk is a local…

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Meraki Whole Food Kitchen

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The little enclave of shops in Brooke Avenue, Chirn Park has become quite a foodie haven. With plenty of parking around, it’s a popular lunch spot, yet there’s been a…

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Panezski Artisan Distillery

Not every bottle tells a story, but in every bottle of Panezski’s vodka there are several stories. Owned and distilled by Paul and Vanesa Chapman, Panezski follows the Polish tradition…

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