A Taste of Surfers Paradise

Board the train, forget the pain!

The G: link offers us a new way of dining – a progressive meal experience that until now has been denied to the Gold Coast. Whether you Uber or taxi to the nearest station, for many locals a short train trip opens a myriad of dining opportunities, including in Surfers Paradise.

There’s a Surfers that many locals don’t know much about; a Surfers we set out to discover with Gold Coast Food & Wine Tours.

Run by Karen Inglis-Turner, ‘A Taste of Surfers Paradise’ is one of several tours exploring Gold Coast suburbs, (others including Broadbeach and Burleigh Heads), as well as upcoming tours ‘A Taste of Queensland’, ‘A Taste of Tamborine’ and ‘A Taste of the Gold Coast’, all rolling out in 2017.

Karen is a well-known accredited tour guide, having run tours in Brisbane for several years before starting her own Gold Coast-based tour company. Besides her scheduled tours, Karen also hosts private and corporate group tours.

We begin our tour of Surfers learning a little about the town formerly known as Elston before taking a short walk to a tiny tucked-away destination where we enjoy a wine tasting of Amadio wines with tapas and mini Reuben sandwiches. A favourite of Surfers workers, our congenial host at our first stop gave up his corporate life to return to his former life as a chef on family territory. A little bit naughty (and a lot nice) he wins our hearts!

At our next stop, we had a short lesson on pasta making, followed by eating some of the handmade pasta. There’s nothing like it, the ribbons melting in the mouth, truffled gnocchi a richly decadent dish which needs a salad to offset it. Don’t eat too much at this stop. There’s plenty more to come!

Next up is a feast from one of the oldest cultures in the world. It begins with delicious dips and Lebanese bread – Kashk-E-Badenjan (grilled eggplant with caramelised onion and garlic, fried dried mint and thick whey), garlic dip and hummus, served with boneless flame-grilled chicken and saffron rice.

It’s time for dessert at the next two stops: gelato or stevia frozen yoghurt at a place which also sells gelato cakes, red bean yoghurt, chai yoghurt and dairy-free black cacao gelati.

At our last stop at a pair of restaurants well known for their incredible tasting plates and sumptuous grill share platters, we learn more of the history of Surfers Paradise’s rum trade and join in a cocktail making lesson, a classic spin on a rum-based Espresso martini. Cocktails pair brilliantly with dessert, rum and coffee with chocolate, and there’s a sumptuous platter of desserts for us to share.

It’s a fitting conclusion to a fabulous tour of the town, a time to meet and make new friends, a journey which helps us discover places to return to eat at. What better way to discover the town than with people who share a similar interest! Gift vouchers are also available for the foodie in your life.

This is a 4 hour tour, presently run twice weekly. The company’s website contains current tour times, so jump online and grab your ticket. Tour cost is $129, and a $30 discount is offered to locals. Enjoy!

NOTE: Good Food Gold Coast enjoyed this tour as guests of Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours.






Gold Coast QLD, Australia