88 BBQ & Butcher, Mermaid Waters

Conveniently located in a regional shopping centre, this immaculately clean shop carries products which you cannot find elsewhere. You’ll be greeted by the smiling Andy, who’ll tell you about the products in the store. One of the specialties is beef, lamb or pork sliced ready to add to either shabu shabu or noodle soup. Here you can buy open range ducks, corn fed chicken and silky, with black skin. This meat is used in a specialty soup for women, Andy tells me. (Let’s not ask!)

Then there are the Chinese specialties some of us walk past: duck tongue, feet, liver and giblets, chicken heart, pig tongue and kidney, stomach products and beef tendon.  The chefs among us would love the fresh belly pork, pork neck or rib fillet. But my favourite is the barbequed or roast duck and pork, freshly made each morning by our master chef Jack in the barrel-shaped oven at the back of the shop. Twice cooked red duck curry coming up!

Shop 12A, Q Centre, 34 Bermuda St, Mermaid Waters Ph: 07 5526 1669 Open 8am – 6pm daily

Open 8am – 6pm daily
34 Southport Burleigh Road, Mermaid Waters QLD, Australia