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  • The Fixed Price Lunch 0

    On a recent holiday to Europe, we discovered the ‘Prix Fixe’ lunch. In Spain (and many other European countries) many people have their main meal at lunchtime and a far lighter dinner late at night. It’s normal practice, even for business people, to sit down to a three-course meal at around 2pm. To cater for […]

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  • Pinky’s Kitchen & Bar 0

    Shop B, 2215 Gold Coast Hwy, Nobby Beach, Queensland 4218

    There’s something jolly about Pinky’s; not just the name, but also the spacious, relaxed feel of the place. Owned by Brayden Condon, the venue that opened as an American diner with a twist of invention has been reborn as a contemporary Australian eatery and we love it! With an eclectic world-influenced menu, this is multicultural […]

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  • Caffe Republic, Bundall 0

    Shop 1, Bronberg Plaza, 138 – 162 Slatyer Ave., Bundall, Queensland 4215

    For the first time in several years, the crunch is on for eateries with almost as many restaurants closing as opening.  In 2018, cafés and restaurants are facing stiff competition for the food dollar. Prepared foods from grocery and convenience stores and meal delivery services continue to attract busy consumers who seek convenience over experience. […]

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  • Videre’s new spring menu 0

    RACV Royal Pines Resort, Ross Street, Benowa, Queensland

    As the sun emerges from behind the clouds and rain blesses the parched wintry land, we know that spring has arrived. Birds are nesting and gardens spring to life with new crops. Perched up on the 21st floor of RACV Royal Pines Resort, Videre enjoys a bird’s eye view of the Gold Coast and hinterland. […]

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  • Budapest. What’s not to love? 0

    Budapest, Hungary

    In a travelscape of flashy beach and slick city destinations, too often Budapest escapes notice, much like the child who slips sideways, unnoticed, across the edge of our peripheral vision. Yet when we turn our attention to it, we find Hungary and its people fascinating, intelligent and complex. It’s a land abundant in culture and […]

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  • Le Café Gourmand 0

    36 Cronulla Avenue, Mermaid Beach, Queensland 4218

    A display of brightly coloured chairs on the Cronulla corner of the highway in Mermaid Beach marks a little French café / restaurant! The bright attitude is obvious. “Here I am!” the chairs exclaim: Le Café Gourmand! One of our fondest memories of France is wandering through little country villages, ‘discovering’ a café to enjoy […]

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  • Char Kway Teow, the fishermen’s meal 0

    2/108 Old Pacific Highway, Oxenford, Queensland 4210

    There are many stories behind each plate of food, from the dish’s origins to the story of the chef who’s preparing it for our table. Char Kway Teow, literally meaning ‘stir-fried ricecake strips’, was originally sold by fishermen and farmers throughout South-East Asia. At the end of a day’s work, they would fry up any […]

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  • 5 Reasons to do a Devour Food Tour in Spain 0

    Barcelona, Spain

    You’ve arrived in a new country for a week’s holiday. Where do you start? For us, an award-winning Devour Barcelona tour provides the perfect way to orientate ourselves, to discover the hidden gems of a country, its history and local secrets. Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal, drinks and some fun! We soon […]

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  • Anzac Biscuits Bring Back Memories 0

    My parents were courting during the Great Depression, and got married during World War II, when Dad was a soldier. Failing the medical, he worked his way up to Staff Sergeant in charge of Stores, South New Zealand. To me, I think these experiences defined them, having a direct impact on the way they lived […]

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  • Black Sheep Bistro 0

    2/108 Old Pacific Highway, Oxenford, Queensland 4210

    If there’s an unsung hero of the northern dining scene, it’s the Black Sheep Bistro. Located not far from the Oxenford turnoff, the Black Sheep is a local favourite, especially for its weekend breakfasts and lunches. To Australians, ‘black sheep’ carries the connotation of a stray, or disreputable family member. However, my New Zealand childhood […]

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  • The Allotment’s Salsa Verde 0

    Shop 7 / 50 Woodlands Drive (Cnr Old Coach Rd), Reedy Creek

    If there was a British version of ‘The Castle’, it would be titled ‘The Allotment’. There’s a whole history to this word in post-war Britain: a plot of land that may be either rented or ‘allotted’ to people, not only giving them purpose in life, but also supplementing the family table and even producing a […]

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  • Everyman’s ‘Cup of Joe’ 0

    How do you like your coffee? September 29 is National Coffee Day; a time to celebrate our favourite caffeinated beverage and to raise awareness about sustainable coffee cultivation. Thought to have been discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th century by a goat herder who noticed the leaves’ stimulating effects on his goats, by the 14th […]

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  • Bombay Cricketers Club 0

    Salt Village, Shop 3, 49-61 Bells Blvd, Kingscliff NSW 2487

    The Bombay Cricketers Club carries its pedigree proudly. “When you step inside the Bombay Cricketer’s Club you are transported to a British-inspired, plantation-style Indian oasis,” the website tells us. Founded by Mark Wilson, Lia Mason and Lee Middendorf (ex-Spice Den, Osteria, Taverna and Ancora), the Northern Rivers restaurateurs with the Midas touch, it also relies […]

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  • Red Hot Cod’s BBQ Occy Recipe 0

    1716 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4220

    Simon Scott lives and breathes the ocean. Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Simon’s a keen surfer and fisherman. When he’s not out on the ocean, he’s in the kitchen cooking the catch. So, it’s understandable that when he and his wife Buffie opened a seafood shop in Burleigh it would be within sight […]

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  • One Café 0

    3/106 Bundall Rd, Bundall, Queensland 4217

    “Where have all the good chefs gone? Gone to cafés every one…” If we’re seeing an emerging theme in Gold Coast dining, it’s the rise and rise of café culture, particularly small out of the way places with strong flexible menus building a core of local support. One Café is a local secret, tucked away […]

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  • Digital Dining Revolution 0

    Life seems to be getting busier. It’s a common complaint from those around me: “If only I had more time!” Convenience is a major driving factor in food industry trends, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Busy lifestyles and an ageing population mean that we reach for quick solutions: processed and pre-packaged foods that […]

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  • The Milkman’s Daughter 0

    1/43 Alfred Street, Mermaid Beach, Queensland 4218

    We love pretty spaces and pretty food but, even more, food needs to taste great and be good for us. It’s the fuel we choose, after all. Sometimes these factors don’t all come together. Sometimes Instagram leads to unrealistic expectations and, in the ‘flesh’, the food experience disappoints. Owned and operated by the very creative […]

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  • Sweet Crêpes from Brittany 0

    135 Minjungbal Drive, Tweed Heads, New South Wales 2486

    Behind the red, blue and white awning in South Tweed is a humble little traditional café, 3 Sea Crêpèrie, run by Damien Pigot and his partner Sondrine (Sandy) Mendy. Damien is from Lesconil, a fishing village in Brittany on the far west coast of France. It’s an area famous for its salt marshes and, not […]

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  • The Brick Café 0

    9A/27 Industrial Avenue, Molendinar, Queensland 4214

    The Brick Café is not what it may first appear. A smart little café at the front of a new commercial complex in Molendinar, behind this façade of newness there’s a strong family heritage. If we’d looked more closely at the top of the menu, the clue was there all along: ‘The Brick Café by […]

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  • Five ‘new-to-you’ cafés 0

    With cafés and eateries popping up across the coast, it’s difficult to keep up with the openings. Here are some new and almost new cafés which you may have missed: The Allotment opened recently in The Hub, Reedy Creek, inspired by locally and hyper-locally grown produce. Owner/chef Simon Capewell, whose credentials are blush-worthy, is running […]

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