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  • Four Winds 1

    Four Winds Revolving Restaurant 0

    Level 26, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise, 4218

    We recently accepted an invitation to have lunch at Four Winds Restaurant at the top of Crowne Plaza, Surfers Paradise. Opened in 1991, it’s Queensland’s only revolving restaurant; one of ten revolving restaurants in Australia. Retro-chic, revolving restaurants throw us back to the 60s, when Australia’s first real skyscraper, Australia Square, boasted the iconic Summit […]

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  • DOC 1

    Department of Coffee 0

    3/1136 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach, Queensland 4221

    I’ve heard quoted many times that the average Australian café or restaurant’s net profit margin is 3.6%. (An article in The Australian Financial Review notes that these figures are six years old so, with increasing costs, no doubt the profit margin is in reality far less!) Given the odds, one would wonder why anyone in […]

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  • Nola 9

    NOLA. Street Food at Blackboard Coffee 0

    7/240 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, Queensland 4227

    NOLA. New Orleans LouisiAna. It was a city I’d insisted on visiting when we holidayed in the States. I wanted a bit of that Southern flavour to seep into me: Po’boys, Gumbo and Beignets, as well as the jazz that flowed from every bar out onto the street. New Orleans is a city guarded by […]

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  • Bac to Nam 9C

    Băc to Nam 0

    Burleigh Gold Coast Motel, 1910 Gold Coast Highway (Cnr Christine Ave), Miami, Queensland 4220

    Like many other foodies, I have my little obsessions. For me they’re mostly Asian: Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), Gyoza, Sashimi (make that almost any raw seafood), Ramen (in progress) and Phở. They’re umami or savoury tastes. Phở. My eyes roll back as I remember Hanoi. The city captured my heart, as did their version […]

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  • Jamroc 1

    Jamroc 0

    Shop C51A QSuper Centre, Cnr Bermuda & Markeri St., Mermaid Waters, Queensland 4218

    My Jamroc love affair was not ‘love at first sight’ but ‘love at first bite’! I’m partial to a bit of bird, especially when we’re pressed for time. But a good chook can be hard to find. My two favourite stores selling BBQ organic chooks have closed; a sad statement on our collective purchasing habits! […]

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  • Yuens 9

    The Journal Café & Pastry 0

    88 Markeri Street, Mermaid Waters, Queensland 4218

    “It’s called ‘The Journal’. Come along and have a look. I’m sure you’ll like it.” I’d just had a phone invitation to visit a new café in Mermaid Waters and already I was intrigued. Teacher-librarian by trade, I surmised that they’d done their research before the call. You know…librarian = books…. The Journal’s on a […]

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  • Montmartre 1

    Let them eat cake! 0

    2/52 Spencer Road, Nerang, Queensland 4211

    “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!” “Let them eat cake!” You have to say this with a stuffy French-accented plum in your mouth, your nose firmly implanted in the clouds and a dismissive wave of your hand to get the right effect. Of course you’re impersonating Marie Antoinette, hinted at by Rousseau in his Confessions. ‘The […]

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  • Herman Brot 1

    Herman Brot Low Carb Bread 0

    PO Box 194, Canungra QLD 4275

    I love bread. Full stop. In fact, very often, given a choice of cake or a piece of fresh bread with butter and vegemite or peanut butter, I’d choose the bread. I just love savoury. As I’ve grown older, however, I’ve come to realise that those fluffy white bread cucumber and cress sandwiches are not […]

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  • Seaduction 1

    Lunch at Seaduction 0

    Soul Surfers Paradise, 8 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise Queensland 4217

    Overlooking Surfers Paradise beach in the stylish Soul building, Seaduction is one of the most salubrious restaurants on the Gold Coast. Given its profile, it’s ironic that finding Seaduction can be quite a mission. With several entrances to the building marked by rather oblique signage, take the wrong lift or escalator and you may find […]

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  • pv 8

    Passiontree Velvet 0

    Robina Town Centre, K2.1 (outside David Jones), 19 - 33 Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina, Queensland 4230

    High Tea is a very feminine indulgence. It’s an experience which falls into the ‘spoil’ category: you can shout girlfriends for their birthday gift, meet as a group of friends to celebrate special news, or even take your daughter out for a treat. After all, who doesn’t like cake! Cake is a very social experience, […]

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  • EDB 0

    Eat Drink Blog 2014 0

    1 Fish Lane, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101

    What do bloggers do at a conference? Eat, drink, blog, and be inspired by others to do more of the same except better! Together with about sixty foodies chosen from around Australia, I attended the two-day annual Eat Drink Blog conference, held this year at Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane. Day 1: Conference A funeral, […]

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  • Source 6

    The Source Bulk Foods 0

    Shop 23 Miami One Shopping Centre, 1930 Gold Coast Highway, Miami, Queensland 4220

    OK. I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of ‘clean and neat’. A clean freak, even! Somewhere in my handbag, there’s a little plastic bottle of hand disinfectant, alongside the tiny torch. Girl scout! And if you say to me just as I’m finishing a meal, ‘But did you see the kitchen?’ with one of those […]

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  • Idospices 1B

    My Coffee Café & South African Bistro 0

    Crestwood Shopping Plaza, 458 Olsen Avenue, Molendinar, Queensland 4214

    “You can tell the history of a country by a plate of food.” Cass Abrahams, Cape Malay Cuisine chef …….. Bunny Chow was the winning dish at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival competition last year. A decrusted loaf of white bread filled with a mild aromatic curry, the loaf container soaking up the juices, […]

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  • Etsu 0B

    Etsu Izakaya 0

    2440 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach, Queensland 4218

    “There was a time when people went out just to enjoy a really good meal. Restaurants’ reputations were built on the quality of their food. That’s all changed. Now, restaurants must provide the whole package. It’s not just about the food. We’re in the entertainment industry. We have to give someone a great experience. Bad […]

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  • Lobong 17

    Lobong Culinary Experience, Ubud, Bali 0

    What do we look for in a cooking school? A culinary experience which includes unfamiliar ingredients, improved techniques, new tastes, and even an addition to our repertoire of dishes. Taking a Lobong cooking class gave us that and more: a taste of another culture and a glimpse into other people’s lives. Lobong is the name […]

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  • Locavore 14

    Good Food Bali 0

    Bali, Indonesia

    Bali is fast becoming an international food destination. Forget the ramped up bad press on Aussie TV. (Sorry, but why is there always a camera present to capture ugly moments?) Forget your images of street food… Not for us! Our recent trip impressed upon us the rise and rise of Bali’s culinary scene at every […]

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  • Euphoria 12

    Euphoria Espresso Café, Robina 0

    105/137 Laver Drive, Robina, Queensland 4226

    It’s a pleasant surprise when you don’t expect too much from a corner coffee shop and then find out that all the food’s made by the chef in the oven you can see, that the coffee’s great and the service friendly and attentive. Euphoria Espresso Café is a rare watering hole in the urban jungle […]

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  • P1030979

    Alfresco 1

    2991 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217

    NOTE: Alfresco closed on 16 September 2012, continuing their business at Alfresco on Elston just across the street. We are deeply saddened that Tony Velardo passed away on 14 September 2014. His passion for life, his warm welcome to all their clients and his sense of fun will be remembered by so many people with […]

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  • Spiced 31B-001

    Spiced Gourmet Foods 0

    Shop 7 Robina Quays Shopping Centre, Cnr Robina Parkway and Markeri Street, Robina, Queensland 4226

    There’s a trend to dine in the burbs – maybe not for the stiletto clad, but for the rest of us mere mortals… I have fond memories of a little restaurant we used to frequent, tucked away in a country town, a cosy little BYO with classically cooked food, where we were greeted warmly by […]

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  • Vie 0

    Vie Bar + Grill 0

    Palazzo Versace, Sea World Drive, Main Beach, Queensland 4217

    It was so perfect a day that there was no mistaking why we live on the Gold Coast. With a glimmer of secret serenity on the Broadwater. The off season has arrived in all its glory. Where do you take guests to dine on a day such as this; a place of luxury where they […]

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